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Guidance notes

  • Type your application;

  • Use short sentences or bullet points to emphasise your point;

  • If you only need 200 words to say what you want then don’t say more;

  • Don't write more than the required number of words;

  • Highlight the contribution made by individuals – make it personal;

  • Tell them straight why you should win;

  • Use supporting pictures and documents;

  • Highlight the problems faced and how you solved them;

  • If you have testimonials use them;

  • Be passionate and proud of what you have achieved;

  • Nominate one person to be responsible for all your entries.




Top Tips


  • Describe the SITUATION you faced;

  • Describe the TASK you needed to undertake;

  • Describe the ACTION you took;

  • Describe what the end RESULT was;

  • Describe the DIFFERENCE  this has made to your business;

  • Describe how this contributes to BEST PRACTICE.



If you WANT A HAND? Contact your local area Rep or Linda Rolfe, Events, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at or call 0131 445 5577.

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